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17 March, 2023

40 under 40

What does success look like to you?

Success comes when you can tangibly see your efforts change the community for the better. At the beginning of my career, a retired attorney gave me some advice: “Don’t go through your entire career with only money to show for it.” It confirmed my desire to work for a nonprofit. I have found purpose in helping my clients reclaim their esteem by transitioning them out of the criminal justice system.

What challenges have you overcome to get here today?

Every meaningful success is built upon overcoming challenges. My law school rejection letter is framed next to my law degree as a reminder of that fact. I struggled in law school, and every obstacle I met along the way compounded my self-doubt. However, I believed that doubling down would afford me the opportunity to one day advocate for people in need. Consistent and earnest effort will always yield to the realization of a personal goal.


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