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23 March, 2020

Free Recovery App

Free App to Support People in Recovery During COVID-19 Outbreak As the nation grapples with COVID-19, it’s important to remember that social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation, especially for those of us in recovery from addiction, who rely on supportive networks as part of our healing. 

To help support individuals in recovery from substance use disorder, Addiction Policy Forum has partnered with CHESS Health to launch the Connections App, a free smartphone app that is scientifically proven to support patients in recovery by reducing relapse and promoting pro-social engagement.      With the App You Can…Track your sobriety,Access e-therapy to learn new recovery skills, Connect with trained counselors and peers through messaging, Clinical support available 7 days/wk, 9am -10 pm ESTTrack your treatment plan and set reminders, Journal daily about your journey, And discover helpful videos, testimonials and more through the unique resource library. Download    Watch the video: Connections App offers patients valuable functionality for the treatment & recovery journey.  Connections is backed by YEARS of ResearchConnections is the only available app that is backed by years of research to support its provider-care management functionality, predictive relapse indicators, and analytics to reduce relapse. 

To learn more and download the app, visit: 


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