The Criminal Investigations Division of the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association is comprised of highly professional and experienced investigators equipped with an array of skills to provide high quality criminal defense investigations for our clients. This Division is highly qualified in investigating misdemeanor to felony criminal cases including homicide, gangs, sex crimes, assault, property, and domestic crimes. Legal Defender investigators have specialized knowledge in crime scene evidence gathering, photography, interviewing witnesses, court arraignments, and social media investigations. This Division provides expansive translation services, in several languages including Spanish, French, Tongan, Samoan, Japanese and Haitian Creole. They value the building of partnerships with external stakeholders to establish respected working relationships with the District Attorney’s Office, Salt Lake County Jail, court staff, pretrial services and judges to improve the criminal justice system. Legal Defender investigators’ collaboration with attorneys, social workers and legal assistants in team settings serves to cultivate an efficient and effective practice enabling them to provide the necessary investigative tools to promote favorable outcomes for clients and to ensure their constitutional rights are protected.