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Veterans Court

Veterans who have been honorably discharged from a branch of the United States Armed Services may be eligible for the Third District Veterans Court Program. The program takes a minimum of eighteen months to complete. The average period of completion of the program is 20-24 months. Participants must abstain from alcohol and illegal drugs, submit to drug and alcohol testing, and successfully complete any treatment recommended by the VA. Veterans Court uses graduated sanctions, which may include modifications of treatment conditions, community service, fines or jail.

If you are interested in Veterans Court, please ask your attorney to screen you for this program.

Here are some articles about the Third District Veterans Court Program that you may find useful.

You may also be interested in a Veterans Recovery Support Group. USARA is sponsoring a 12-step program for Veterans.


If you are an attorney screening a client for Veterans Counts, please complete and submit this application:

If you are an attorney and your client is pleading into Veterans Court, please go over this form with them and submit a signed copy to the court:

Participants of Veterans Court should be familiar with the participant manual:

If you would like more information about Veterans Court: