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2 April, 2018

FAQ: How Do I Get a Public Defender?

If you have been charged in Salt Lake County with a misdemeanor or a felony and you are unable to afford an attorney, you can ask the judge to appoint you a public defender. The court will give you an Affidavit Requesting Appointment of Legal Defender. The form will ask you about your finances. You will need to provide the judge with information such as your marital status, whether you have dependents, where you are employed, if you have savings and debts, and provide a description of property you own. You will also be required to swear that the contents of your application are true.

If the court determines that you qualify for a public defender, it will appoint our office to represent you and give you a new court date. You will also be given contact information for our office.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you unless you have been appointed to our office by the Salt Lake City Justice Court, the Salt Lake County Justice Court, or the Third District Courts in West Jordan or Salt Lake.


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